Diversions + Tunes: October 2017

This month we get seduced by a big ass emerald, learn how to drink wine correctly (who knew?) & learn that ladies love a man in van! All in this month's Diversions + Tunes!

1. THIS THING EATS MINI VANS. Contrary to the sage wisdom of motivational speaker Matt Foley, sometimes living in a van down by the river can be pretty damn sweet — especially, if it’s only for a week during the summer. And that ‘van’ isn’t a Mark III, but this fully tricked out family adventure vehicle./Fatherly

2. EXPLORING PORTUGAL. There are still places in southern Portugal where there are more flamingos than tourists, and rural traditions are part of the fabric of life./The Guardian

3. HOW TO REALLY DRINK WINE. Wine is pleasure and conviviality, it is culture and it makes food taste better. But wine can also be intimidating. This guide takes the anxiety out of shopping, buying and drinking wine. You will learn the basics, from how to open a bottle to pairing it with food, along with the best language to use when talking about wine in stores, at restaurants and with friends./The New York Times

4. THE CURSE OF THE BAHIA EMERALD.  Meet the Schemers, Investors, and Dreamers Who Were Bewitched By a Giant Green Rock./Wired

5. THERE'S NO DOGS LIKE SNOW DOGS. This competition is the Finnmarkslopet dog sled race, the longest of its kind in Europe. Held in the part of Norway that lies inside the Arctic Circle, it stretches over 650 miles of snow and ice./Roads & Kingdoms

6. RELAXING IN VIETNAM. 25 photos showing the rare, relaxed moments of the Vietnam War./Esquire

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