Diversions + Tunes: November 2017

This month we get a taste of the Island life, we learn why you have to put ass to grass in a squat and we pay tribute to the legacy of Paul Newman! All in this month Diversions + Tunes!

1. GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN. After ten years on a small farm in rural Maine where Grain Surfboards has shared the secrets of building wood surfboards, they've been asked to go, and go quickly./Grain Surfboards

2. ON THE ISLAND OF ORKNEY. In remote Orkney, life is governed by the seasons. While winter heralds gales and stormy seas, it also brings a special kind of peace./1843 Magazine

3. NEWMAN'S OWN WORDS. Paul Newman saw his movie-stardom as a trap and worked to find his way around it—to keep fame from corroding his life. He succeeded beyond measure, as a distinguished actor, award-winning director, dedicated philanthropist, entrepreneur, political activist, racecar driver, and loving husband and father. As rumors swirl about the 83-year-old icon’s health, the author replays critical moments—some witnessed firsthand, others from Newman’s friends and colleagues—in a five-decade trajectory, gauging the unique impact of this remarkably private, deeply honorable man./Vanity Fair

4. LEARNING HOW TO SQUAT. In the sixth century B.C., the story goes, the Olympic wrestler Milo of Croton trained by carrying a bull on his shoulders as it grew from a calf into a full-sized adult./The New Yorker

5. GOOGLE EARTH'S GREATEST HITS. See the world the way our favorite search engine does./Earthview

6. BOT MEETS GIRL. I love you robot!/YouTube

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