Diversions + Tunes: December 2017

This month we have a look at what it takes be part of the French Foreign Legion, why it was not the best idea to be a grave robber in the 1880's and grillin' all over the world! All in this month's Diversions + Tunes!


1. A WOLF GONE ROGUE. The Wall Street Informant Who Double-Crossed the FBI/Bloomberg

2. INTRODUCING THE COFFIN TORPEDO. On the night of January 17, 1881, a would-be body snatcher by the name of Dipper was killed by a blast in a Mount Vernon, Ohio cemetery. The attempted grave-robbery was a three-man operation, according to the Stark County Democrat. The explosion broke the leg of the second thief. The third—tasked with keeping watch—was allegedly left unscathed and hoisted his wounded friend into a sleigh./Atlas Obscura

3. THE LEGEND OF THE LEGION. His cap is bleached as white as the bones of a Saharan camel. Is the romance of the French Foreign Legion a cult of death?/Aeon

4. THE SEVEN DAY WEEKEND. Ricardo Semler on how to break the rules./Tim Ferris


5. AIRLINE SEAT ECONOMICS. How airlines make their money./Wendover Productions

6. HOW THE WORLD GRILLS. How The World Grills. If you're looking to bring some international flair to your grilling technique, PersonalCreations.com has got you covered. Here are 10 barbeque favorites from around the world to get you inspired before your next cookout. - Mental_Floss

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