Diversions + Tunes: August 2017

This month see what it takes to ride the world's most dangerous waves, how to blow a billion bucks and we learn some lessons from the world's best restaurant! All in this months Diversions + Tunes!

1. FILMING "PLANET EARTH". The technology behind the cinematic style of the BBC's Planet Earth II./YouTube

2. WHEN IS THE PRICE TOO RIGHT? In thirty-eight years, The Price is Right never had a contestant guess the exact value of prizes in the Showcase showdown. Until Terry Kniess came on — and changed everything./Esquire

3. THE MOST DANGEROUS WAVE. On Jan. 15, legendary surfers took on Maui's skyscraper-sized waves. The best-case scenario was an epic, record-breaking ride. The worst was death./ESPN

4. LESSONS FROM ALINEA. Lessons From the World’s Best Restaurant./ OkDork

5. A LEGENDARY MOVIE FIASCO. How a Chinese billionaire’s dream of making an underwater fantasy blockbuster turned into a legendary movie fiasco./The Atavist

6. HEMINGWAY ON THE ART OF FICTION. The fact that I am interrupting serious work to answer these questions proves that I am so stupid that I should be penalized severely. I will be. Don't worry…/The Paris Review

Here's what were jamming out to at Dude Awesome HQ for the month of August. Follow us on Spotify and YouTube to check out our all exclusive playlists.