Diversions + Tunes: September 2017

This month we smuggle some gold, wash our beards and find out why it's a great idea to beat the crap out of your neighbors and co-workers! All in this month's Diversions + Tunes!

1. TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR CONTEST. Browse the National Geographic Gallery for the best travel photos of 2017./National Geographic

2. HOW FILTHY IS YOUR BEARD. Some doctors have suggested that beard hair can be a bristly breeding ground for germs./The Atlantic

3. HOW TO BECOME A GOLD SMUGGLER. Harold Vilches, a 23-year-old Chilean, exported $80 million in contraband gold. It all started with a Google search./Bloomberg

4. LESSONS DIRECT FROM WW2. As a newly commisioned Captain of a veteran Army regiment, MacDonald's first combat was war at its most hellish―the Battle of the Bulge. In this plain-spoken but eloquent narrative, we live each minute at MacDonald's side, sharing in all of combat's misery, terror, and drama. How this green commander gains his men's loyalty in the snows of war-torn Europe is one of the great, true, unforgettable war stories of all time./Jocko Podcast

5. DISCOVERING THE ROUGH AND ROWDY. One weekend every March, almost every resident in this town crowds the tan-and-gray bleachers of the local armory to watch their friends and neighbors beat one another bloody. The boxing-brawling event — known as the “Rough N Rowdy” — draws more than 2,000 spectators a night in a 3,000-person city nestled so deep in the mountains that your cellphone won’t ring. The winners leave with a trophy, a jacket and a check for $1,000 — the same take-home as a few weeks of soot-covered entry-level work in the local mines./The Washington Post

6. THE LOVE LETTERS OF MANLY MEN. Flowers, trinkets, borrowed sweaters and other reminders of our romantic past may get tossed out. But love letters, for those lucky enough to receive them, are different. They are more likely tucked in a wallet or safeguarded in a box under the bed./The New York Times

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