Diversion + Tunes: February 2017

This month we tag along with Anthony Bourdain, shamelessly plagiarize some of the greatest men in history and build an up-side-down fire - It's all in this months Diversions + Tunes.

Famous Love Letters - Fatherly.jpg


1. Valentines Day. Step Up Your Valentine’s Love Letter Game With These Tips From Mark Twain And Other Legendary Writers. / Fatherly

2. How to Build an Upside-Down Fire. How would you like to light a fire perfectly and have it burn for 3-7 hours without touching it or putting on more wood? It can be done, every time, but it requires forgetting everything you’ve learned about starting fires… / The Tim Ferris Show


3. Watch how Jim Henson made David Bowie spin crystal balls on the set of Labyrinth. For the fantasy cult classic Labyrinth, David Bowie played Jareth, the codpiece-sporting Goblin King. And throughout the film, Jareth is constantly twirling crystal balls just to show off how flamboyantly magical he is. / io9

4. The 10 Throws That Define Tom Brady. How has the Patriots quarterback stayed so good for so long? A look through nearly two decades of game tape provides an answer. / The Ringer


5. Chemically Enhanced. How Two Florida Gym Rats Conquered the Shadowy World of Dietary Supplements. / Men's Journal

6. Anthony Bourdain’s Moveable Feast. Guided by a lusty appetite for indigenous culture and cuisine, the swaggering chef has become a traveling statesman. / The New Yorker

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