Dude Awesome will become your favorite store, your grandpa's favorite store and your favorite magazine all rolled into one.

We found that in South Africa the demand for quality, one of a kind products far outweighed the supply. Why when you need something in a particular size, color or design does it come down to what you can get instead of what you want?

The demand is there. We are here to supply.

At Dude Awesome we take all the hassle out of getting you the products you want and everything is done on line to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. It starts with you telling us what you need and us then scouring the world wide web to bring you the best prices for the products you desire.

Our mandate is to bring you the the coolest new gear at the best prices, but we don't cater for coupon-clippers. If you want your inbox loaded with 70% off this, and 80% off that, we suggest you go elsewhere. We simply try to create value for our readers during our weekly offerings, working with selected brands to ensure we get you their best stuff at the best price.

In addition to a fresh dose of unique products, you'll also find the stories behind products along with original content on our blog, and links to the interesting stories, inane videos, and fresh beats that are circulating around the office.

Our Story

This whole idea started with me looking for a pair of shoes. I went to the supplier's very impressive store and they told me to get the size and color will take a week. I was disappointed but what can you do? A week went by and when I went to get my shoes I was told that they have the color but the wrong size and it will take another week. This made me angry. Angry that me as a consumer is left in the cold trying to get products I want that fit me at a reasonable price and in a reasonable time. I don't believe that is to much to ask for. That started my journey. The more people I spoke to about this problem the more people agreed that they would love a service where they can tell you what they want, decide on fit, color, design, whatever. Order on line from someone they trust and then have it in their hands 10 days later cheaper then what it would cost to get it locally. The old adage is very true, if you want something done right then do it yourself.

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